The coding therapy: how does it help to stop drinking?

Kodavimas nuo alkoholio

Alcohol – a society ruining “pleasure”, more and more people are getting addicted to it. Do you moderately drink on weekends and skip work? It is an indicator of psychological addiction; the only difference is the stage of it. People have different characters, that is why there are many methods to get rid of drinking. Some say that they can control themselves and they succeed for a short period of time but others break codes and suffer for the rest of their life. Why? Apparently, it depends not only on motivation but also on the environment and information input.

“Even if I could drink moderately, I will not do that. My patients feel the same way when they choose to be conscious teetotalers”, – about psychocoding talked psychotherapist Marius Gabrilaicius, also known as M. G. Maksimalietis, who work in Lithuania and abroad.

Methods of coding

There are many methods of coding which can help to stop the progress of this life-ruining addiction but not all methods work accurately and have the same quality.

Medical – a person thinks that his body was injected/ inserted with a medication – often it works but the quality is questionable. In this case, a person is afraid of serious damage to his health or even death which can happen if alcohol has been used again. The whole time a man is suffering and cannot wait for the code term to end.

The psychotherapeutic method works differently – during the session moment hypnosis is used which reprograms the human brain and installs addiction to soberness.

In both ways, a human is affected psychological. In the first case, placebo and fear play a role, in the second, psycho code helps to form some kind of psychological barrier which human cannot cross and it helps to stop drinking.

The coding therapy – human’s, who is ready to change his life, key.

Get ready for a coding session

A person should not use alcohol before the therapy. The specialist usually set the time of staying sober limit. In most cases, it is about 10 days.

It is also advised to not use any caffeine-containing beverages and tranquillizer (unless it is a necessity). Psychological addiction specialist, psychotherapist M. G. Maksimalietis explained that such preparation for the coding therapy is proof for him and a patient that there is enough will. He only needs the help of the professional.

If an alcohol addict cannot stay sober for 10 days, it means that he is not ready for treatment. He is simply afraid that he would lose an opportunity to drink a glass of wine or a bottle of beer. And this means that the risk of breaking the code increases. “I try to help people on a long run, thus I do not treat people, who could not stay sober before the session”, – said M.G Maksimalietis.

There are some cases when people cannot be coded. It includes people with serious psychiatric disorders whose doctors do not allow this treatment. Besides this, people who have listened to the lecture and decided to postpone the session for later because they want to try to get rid of alcohol by themselves.

Those, who are not ready for coding therapy, can come just for a talk. M. Gabrilavicius has noticed that the majority, who have used this privilege, decides to code or comes back later. This happens for many reasons but the main one – unsuccessful trying to get rid of this addiction himself and realization that coding therapy might help.

There is no need to discipline and force

Most of the time alcohol addicts think that they can handle it. But the reality is a bit different, it is not that easy, it requires long hours of work with self.

It is also important not to try to persuade others – husband, wife, father, and children – to try coding. In this case, a person does not have the motivation to live a sober life – hypnosis does not work on him. This type of person does not want to get rid of addiction; therefore he will break the code if he uses coding therapy.

Consequences of breaking the code depend on the human body but in most cases poisoning of alcohol is stronger and it increases the risk of psychological and physiological health disorders.

Let him reach the deep end

Maybe this piece of advice will sound drastically but it is important to let a person reach the deep end.

If wife, husband, father or other relatives are close and take care of an addict, he will feel comfortable and safe. Sometimes we have to let him realize that he is a step away from losing all – job, family, health. He will feel anxiety and depression; he will be in pain, left alone and in debts – this would be like a deep end for him.

This picture of the future looks terrifying for alcoholics because safety is a number one priority for them. That is why, if you want to help, sometimes you have to leave this person alone with all his sorrows and problems and watch him from the distance. But if a person decides to go for the coding therapy, support from relatives is a good idea.

After the therapy people may face some difficulties as they are not used to this kind of lifestyle – without any alcohol to forget failures which only create more failures and prolong period of sadness. Rarely appearing joy they would also suppress with the same liquid.

How can a man relax when there is no alcohol? How to calm down and find something that can get rid of sadness and give joy?

The beginning is not easy – a person might become irritable, sensitive but after some time everything changes. He starts to enjoy the fact that he can finally make his dreams come true.

Teetotaler’s brain rises like a phoenix – they find new activities and hobbies which were not interesting for them before. There are many examples when people get rid of alcohol and try new activities, find new hobbies which may lead to a new business plan. Their brains get more active that is why it is said that these people react to everything more sensitive because they cannot stand all the evil around them.

Man, who started to live a sober life, realizes how much happiness it brings and wants to announce this to the whole world. Former alcohol addict still has acquaintances and friends who drink but the memory of a previous lifestyle reminds him to never go back.

Support of relatives after the therapy is a must

People’s brains, who do not consume alcohol, work correctly, in other words, can tell apart the evil from the good, see reality and the real world. That is why for those it is important to put the right information inside their heads.

If all you can think about is thought that coding makes you weak and stand out from others, it can break a person down. It is important to remind him that you are happy that he is living a different life, is working, grows as a person and prospers more than any other moderate drinker.

All you have to do – see the advantages of alcohol-free life and not disadvantages. There are no disadvantages but for a new teetotaler, it might seem different. Support of relatives is a must. If other members of a family do not consume alcohol – it is an advantage. It is also advised for o former alcoholic to find same thinkers who are also living a different life.

Addiction to alcohol can have young and old people. M.G. Maksimalietis was asked if there is a difference how old is the patient, he replayed that there is no big difference.

Of course, if a person drank for 40 years, he would have a style of living, mentality; he would not imagine a life without alcohol – that is why it is hard to work with these people.

But it does not mean that it is easier to code young people – the most important part is a person’s will and faith.