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  1. Hello.. I would like to thank for the help I had an appointment a month ago, on 17th. since then thoughts about drinking have disappeared, I can confidently cross the section of alcohol. Thank you!

  2. After 17 years of suffering I finally got rid of smoking!!! Easily and quickly, it is even hard to describe in words!! I am uploading a passage from my diary, which describes how I felt the first morning

    ..Smile hasn’t disappeared since I woke up. I left session yesterday with confidence, it felt like somebody gifted me BMW i8. At that moment, I instantly felt completely different: free and perky. Choky feeling under my heart disappeared as well, which I was feeling, whenever I was trying to give up smoking myself. That feeling was very strong. It felt like guilt, emptiness and I thought that it will never disappear but thanks to Marius it vanished! In a second!..

    Thank you Marius Gabrilavicius for this miracle. It is wonderful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. I was absolutely terrified to believe that a different life could possibly exist for me other than the one I had been enduring. I had no idea how to move into the faith that my life would be better if only I could manage to stay sober. After I met you past 1 year exactly. And you know, I cant believe, I still sober today which is miraculous. The manner in which you encouraged me to go to treatment for my alcohol addiction was absolutely perfect. To be honest the mind programming session was a little strange for me, but now I can say, it truly works. Thank you and definitely will recommend you to others Dr. Maksimalietis.

  4. Thank you Oksana for referring me to the M.G.Maksimalietis. I quit smoking in 60 minutes psychotherapy sesion… it worked wonders and thanks to ONE session only I quit smoking – just fantastic! This is by far the cheapest way to quit as one session is only £200 … and you quit in the one session. Other methods I tried before not only failed completely but cost heaps! The nicotine patch program ended up costing me over £300 pounds in the end … cause I had to keep on the program and keep buying patches as it kept failing! I also tried going to the Doctor and they just fed me more drugs by subscribing me to Zyban – this ended up making me sicker and cost me over £400 for that!!! So yeah, definitely recommend to all smokers who want to quit to see the M.G.Maksimalietis Hypnotherapist and NLP Practioner, as it’s cheap and saves you loads of money in the long run and is completely safe!!! and best of all it works! I quit after that one session and it’s now been 3 months off the smokes and will remain that way!

  5. Dr. Maksimalietis we offer you our whole hearted thanks for the help you provided my father.The credit for his rapid recovery from alcoholism is down totally to the work you put in to help him. My father speaks of you with the highest levels of respect and we are glad,that he is now sober, healthy and happy.

  6. Thank you very much doctor. I can’t believe, you changed my daughter, she is sober and happy again. Recommending Maksimalietis to everyone, who need help to fight alcohol addiction.

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