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Psychotherapist M.G. “Maximalist” cures addictions to alcohol, nicotine and other psychoactive drugs as well as addiction to gambling in United Kingdom, Ireland, Latvia and Lithuania.


There is one hour long psychotherapeutic consultation, before beginning of a coding therapy. During psychotherapeutic session, a view to legal and illegal narcotics is changed by strengthening motivation to live a sober life. In other words, man is infected with healthy fanaticism to soberness. Process of coding, which is led by a psychotherapist, is a better version of Dovzhenko coding method. This is a psychotherapeutic method, psychocoding – instant hypnosis, also known as shock – therapy: information is inserted into the mind, when patient is in stress mode; in this way there is no need to induce hypnotic state of trance. During the process a patient can hear everything, he remains alert, but later on he cannot and do not want to resist to acquired information.


After the session, person becomes apathetic to a drug he was coded from; he realizes that he does not want to use alcohol or cigarettes anymore for a set period of time.


Before meeting, person should know for what extent of time he wants to quit drinking or smoking. If you have never tried coding or you have tried other methods but it did not help, it is recommended to stay sober for a year and only then code for three or five years.


Before the meeting it is strictly recommended to follow the rules: do not use any alcohol beverages for minimum 10 days, if you want to stop drinking, if you want to give up smoking, you should not smoke for 3-5 days. It is also advised to not drink any coffee, energetic drinks or tranquilizers (if they are not prescribed by a doctor) for at least 3-5 days out of 10. If a person has a psychiatric disorder, diagnosed by a psychiatrist, and is treated with medicaments, he has to get a doctor’s note, which states that a patient can get a hypnotherapy in order to get rid of his addictions.

Kodavimas nuo alkoholio Londone ir Dubline

M.G Maximalist created a club for Maximalists. This club unites people, who gave up alcohol, nicotine, “antidepressants” and other psychoactive substances and chose to live a healthy life.