Lithuania is rapidly getting sober but the opposite is declared

Lietuva - sparčiausiai blaivėjanti šalis

Probably, you have noticed that topics about alcoholism have been escalated in media. In TV, on the Internet, on the radio and other media cannot get enough of these topics: alcoholics are throwing their children into wills, pedestrians are being hit by drunk drivers in the bus stops, narcozombies are killing grandmothers so they could buy a dose of a legal alcoholic drug. I want to mention that this is a special way of trying to mask an increasing population of abstinents. These horrible consequences of alcohol use are decreasing every year but in media, the number of declarations is increasing. So, I will talk, what, in my opinion, is happening.

The system got scared of a quickly spreading soberness trend. I have been observing for many years the growing number of activists, who are spreading the idea of soberness, naturally, the number of their followers are also increasing. More and more aware teetotallers start to realise that the system is trying to make users of a legal substance – drug addicts. This is how narcozombies are made, who later become clients of pharma business, regular users. People more often with a pride call themselves Maximalists, Optimalists, Valanciukais, Sveikuoliais and other promoters of a healthy lifestyle, who does not use any psychotropic substances. I am happy that Professor Aurelijus Varyga initiated marathons “Uz blaivia” and now youngsters are organizing it. I am happy that adolescents created society of sober parties “Varom” which has been organizing fun and sober parties and festivals. We can see that Greens leader Ramunas Karbauskis play a huge role in making Lithuania soberer.

He is organizing sober festivals in Naisiai, which do not sell any alcohol and it still brings more and soberer people. In 2015 summer, his event brought more than 40 thousand teetotallers. I want to boast a bit as well, I have changed more than 2000 people using Maximalist psychotherapy and helped them to get to know long lasting soberness benefits. After the therapy, people cannot any longer enjoy spirits because they cannot ignore alcohol and other psychotropic drugs harm. So, I got a chance to see the real situation, the real statistics and I made a conclusion that thanks to soberness activists the number of deaths and injuries on the roads has decreased. The number of accidents, fire alarms and other harms, caused by alcoholics, has declined as well. Sales of alcohol are dramatically decreasing; the problem with official statistics is that it includes alcohol that is bought by Scandinavians as contraband otherwise Lithuania will not be the second country in the world in alcohol consumption. The truth is that we became one of the first countries which have taken a drug (legal and not) matter seriously. Lithuania today is getting sober the fastest.

Kodavimas nuo Alkoholio Londone ir Dubline is why I invite you to not believe lies of the system that we all are failures and alcoholics, so we have to get treated by force. It is the opposite, you have to understand that soberness is a new trend and drinking is not in fashion anymore. People are happy that they can celebrate without drinking or moderately consuming alcohol. They do not harm their health and life. The system is afraid of total soberness trend, thus it tries to mask it by showing that we are failing and not getting sober. Whenever people are forced to be sober, they are trying to learn to use legal drugs – alcohol – moderately, but this method is not efficient in preventing alcoholism. If media announced that totally soberness is becoming a trend, that people are starting to understand that moderate use of legal or illegal drugs is harmful, that the best choice is abstinence and not a moderate poisoning of brain and body, that teetotallers are living more progressively, they are improving their quality of life much more than anyone who is consuming legal drugs, then soberness would cover the whole Lithuania, representatives of narco-business and pharma business would have to invest in less harmful business for society..