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Kodavimas nuo alkoholio

The coding therapy: how does it help to stop drinking?

Alcohol – a society ruining “pleasure”, more and more people are getting addicted to it. Do you moderately drink on weekends and skip work? It is an indicator of psychological addiction; the only difference is the stage of it. People have different characters, that is why there are many methods to g...
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Pasąmonės paskirtis

Successful life and harmful addictions – Part III

The main aim of consciousness is to save us from struggles and help us reach goals… If harmful addictions (or as I like to call it – viral programs) are not affecting one’s mind, then it works properly and saves man from choosing a wrong path. How does it work? Clean, not affected by poisons [...
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Gyvenimo sėkmė ir žalingi įpročiai

Successful life and harmful addictions – Part II

Just like virus harms the computer, harmful addiction does the harm to our mind… I often, when I want to motivate my patients to give up addictions, I give this comparison, to show what harmful addictions do to our mind. The memory of a computer is just like a human mind which stores all the [&helli...
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Successful life and harmful addictions – part I

Just like plus and minus in electricity, good and evil in our happiness… If someone would say that there is no God or devil, I know (from my own experience and studies) that there are at least good and evil energy and their synergy just like the possible existence of heaven and hell in our […...
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