M.G Maximalietis: secret pharm business of “antidepressants”


Pharm businessmen are fooling people in believing that antidepressants can cure. Actually, they turn people into drug addicts the only difference here is that people are buying drugs from pharmacies and not from drug dealers, thus they do not understand that they are drug addicts.

Please, explain to me how anyone can believe that there are drugs which can cure brain disorders when researchers say that they have explored only 5% of the brain. So, there are no drugs, which can treat brains, there are only suppressive substances. And suppressive substances only make you a drug addict. Suppressing brains with any psychoactive drug – alcohol, heroin, medical antidepressants – makes it to dissociate from reality. At the same time, man stops feeling psychological impairments – neuroses. In this state, it seems that anxiety, depression, insomnia or other neuroses are not bothering him anymore but it is just an illusion.

When a psychotropic substance is excreted from the blood (like with any other toxins), human brain slowly gets back to its natural state. When it reaches a peak of activity, it transmits various feelings which show the level of impairment – neurosis . If a person cannot endure the consequences of abstinence and uses a psychotropic drug like alcohol or medical antidepressant again, then he/she disturbs processes of the brain more and more until one day the person has to visit a psychiatric hospital or tries to commit suicide.

If a man was born without any congenital disorders which can lead to psychical illnesses like neuroses, then only total soberness can cure any psychological problems. You can read more about harms of psychoactive drugs to health and life in this book: “Total Soberness or Total Control”.

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