People want to be sober and successful: There were hardly enough space for participants in psychotherapist Marius Gabrlavicius’s lecture

Gabrilavicius - Puidokas

On January 30th evening, in Batoras villa, in Vilnius people were gathering to listen to psychotherapist M.G maximalist (Marius Gabrilavicius) lecture “TOTAL SOBERNESS – a comprehensive guarantee of success”.

By the way, an invitation to psychotherapist’s lecture informed: “ATTENTION: there will be used NLP methods, which program every single mind to seek for a way to comprehensive success!“

For many people, interested in such an original advertisement of a lecture and engaged in a healthy lifestyle, there were hardly enough space in a hall – there were more than 250 listeners. What did they hear?

At the beginning of a lecture M. Gabrilavicius said that he will be discussing advantages of total soberness, healthy lifestyle and he will speak about topics that society likes to keep quiet about. He promised: “I will conduct a psychotherapeutic consultation which will leave a footprint in your psyche. This lecture will change your mind; it will set your mind against not only alcohol consumption, but also against others psychoactive drugs, which affect our mind.”

How does the human mind form? – Psychotherapist asked. People are prone to think that being a human, make them smarter than others, they know, what is good and right, what should be tolerated in this world and what should not, what can be eaten and what is poisoning. It seems that soul is generating wisdom and mind. “Here”, – the lecturer underlined, – “many are lost in their illusion.” Then he explained in details, how human mind, from information that enters it, is formed, which mechanisms take place.

Eventually, listeners got the chance to realize, who control man not only on individual level but also almost all the world, who are these powerful men, who influence the biggest corporations, systemic media and how they use media to program us. “It makes us think that we are free to choose, we have many choices, but anyway we are making decisions that world elite benefits from”, – M. Gabrilavicius unveiled the staggering scheme. “We harm ourselves and we do not realize that”, – he continued and made listeners to perceive, what is really happening, why people believe in things that are harmful. He was sorry, that there is no place, where people can hear about harms of psychoactive substances, he explained what is happening, when those drugs enter our body and why it is important to keep your mind sharp.

M.Gabrilaicius continued and commented what kind of mechanisms turn on, when people give up brain damaging drugs and how your health and overall life can improve, he also described how it is possible to be total sober, when on every corner there are many temptations, which make you consume alcohol and other brain damaging substances. Participants were introduced to creative instinct, and why is it important to implement it and how does it make you a better version of yourself.

It is not possible to convey every single message, which listeners could get from a lecture. Marius has put all the information in his book “Total soberness or total control”. By the way, all the participants got a free copy of a book. The date for a lecture (January 30th) was chosen not by an accident. It was his birthday. After the lecture, he admitted that most happiness brings an opportunity to share his knowledge, which can help people to change their life. He felt gifted, while giving away his long-term knowledge and getting a positive feedback from people.

At the end of the lecture, M. Gabrilavicius noted, that it is important to not trust everything you see or hear on mass media, to seek for an alternative sources of information (in social media, independent pages), it is important to be alert and not to be fooled by smiling faces on TV. Same goes for politics, when election campaigns are taking place, it is important to choose and support those, who care about public interest and have proved that by keeping their promises. You cannot often see them on TV, because they do not obey the elite. Only sites like and similar are open for those, who work for society, help families and children.

Member of the parliament Mindaugas Puidokas also participated in the lecture. After the round of applause, he was invited to make a speech.

“Every single person has a creative nature and probably the most important type of freedom – the ability to choose soberly and be responsible for those around us”, – the politician started. He reminded, what a great man was Bishop Motiejus Valancius and his temperance movement, thanks to him, Lithuania became independent. “Soberness certainly makes people more active”, – continued M. Puidokas. He said that several years ago, before conceiving a first child, together with his wife they gave up alcohol completely. Member of the parliament wished Marius Gabrilavicius, together with common thinkers, to create a new movement of soberness and increase wellbeing of Lithuania by enlarging number of sober people. At the end of his speech, he gave lector a Certificate of Appreciation and national symbol – Vytis, which said: “Only a great nation knows its history.”

After the lecture everyone could ask M. Gabrilavicius questions, get a signature on a book, take a photo or make a speech of gratitude. A round of applause got a woman, who admitted that she is a teetotaler for over an year and she decided to stop drinking after reading a book “Total soberness or total control” by M. G. Maximalist. Lector noted that more and more people in our country are choosing healthy and sober lifestyle and it is not a shame anymore to be totally sober, people, who gave up alcohol, are happy for choosing this path.

Psychotherapist was glad about the event and thanked everyone for coming:

“It was the biggest birthday celebration in my life… Over 250 people, who were interested in benefits of my total soberness idea, came to my lecture yesterday. I was glad for giving away books, hearing words of appreciation and feeling a positive feedback. Thanks to all for participating in this event, supporting my work and for all birthday wishes! Thank You, Mindaugas Puidokas for a Certificate of Appreciation and a symbol of Vytis, it is a big honor for me, which motivates me to keep on working!… A big thank for my family for comprehension, patience and support of my social activities, which take a huge piece of my time… Thanks to all and see you later!

M.Gabrilaicius admires Jacque Fresco, who quote really fits here: “If you think we can’t change the world, it just means you’re not one of those who will.” Organizer of the lecture for a second decade shows that he is one of those, who believe and can change the world. Good luck, Marius!

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