M. G. Maksimalietis: “I do not agree that speeding is the main cause of car crashes”


I do not agree that speeding is the main cause of car crashes because I have tested it and came up with the conclusion that circa 98% of accidents happen because a person cannot stay totally sober for three weeks.

Human brain comes back to its natural state only when a person does not consume alcohol, does not smoke or use any other psychotropic drugs for three weeks. Then human beings make fewer mistakes and if they do, it is mostly associated with stress.

Tolerance of psychoactive substances usage and speed limits are one of the main forms of civilisation progress hindering. It is terrifying when total abstainers are stopped from progressing and it is because of those, who are addicted to psychoactive substances. Their brains are always disturbed and they are the biggest danger not only in the streets but also in the work, for a family and everywhere else…

Total abstainers – New Maximalists always know the safe speed limit and never exceed it so much that it gets them into car accidents.

I think it is time to issue cards to New Maximalists or something similar to people, who choose to live a totally sober, healthy lifestyle. They won’t have to follow speed limitations, pay whole social insurance fee, and do military duty. Maximalist cardholders could study for free in the technology development field and so on. If a cardholder were harmful to society, he would have to be tested for psychoactive substances usage. If a test was positive, Maximalist card would be taken away for a fixed period of time and if offences continued, the card would be taken away permanently.

P.S. It is just my idea and not an offer. Therefore, dear Members of the Parliament, at the beginning of Autumn Parliament session I want to ask you to seek for methods, which would promote total soberness – a healthy lifestyle, which brings minimum harm and maximum benefits to society and country!

You can read more about the benefits of total soberness and harms of psychoactive substances in my book Totali blaivybė ar totali kontrolė.