Psychotherapist M. G Maksimalietis briefly about alcoholism…

Alcohol, according to scientists, is a drug, which is harmful to one’s health. If alcohol is a drug, then it is important to know what all drugs have in common: while using it, a person gets more and more addicted, therefore he poisons himself more and more. Not everyone goes through the stages of alcoholism at a similar pace and not everyone reaches the stage of degradation, but everyone reaches at least the second stage. The second stage of alcoholism out of three main stages is reached when a person starts using alcohol periodically, for example, every weekend or every evening after work. Psychological alcoholism starts, when a person cannot understand that he can celebrate without alcohol. If every time a man buys alcohol for a celebration, he is psychologically addicted and this is an initial stage of alcoholism. Stages describe the severeness of drinking. There are alcoholics from moderate drinking stages, alcoholics from less moderate drinking stages, alcoholics in the degradation process and alcoholics from complete degradation stages. Our system identifies only the alcoholics from degradation stages as alcoholics; this is not accurate and not right. A man, who tries alcohol for the first time, does not become a drunken hobo. He becomes a serious alcoholic when he goes through all stages of alcoholism: from moderate drinking to degradation. The third stage – degradation is reached when a person tries alcohol and starts believing that everyone should know how to drink moderately, he cannot stop and becomes a prisoner of physiological alcoholism. This kind of people starts to drink every day until they get scared that they might die or die or until they get medical help – detoxification. I want to underline that the system only calls those alcoholics, who have reached the third stage – degradation. But they became alcoholics much earlier: when they believed that this solvent they can consume as a drink.

That is why, when our public figures say that it is important to consume alcohol moderately in order to not become alcoholics, it is inaccurate and not right because toleration of alcoholic drug (even in moderate doses) makes a person to go through all stages of alcoholism. The logic is simple: when we start using drugs, we become drug addicts, when we start drinking alcohol – alcoholics. So, members of parliament should make the right inference and say that the best decision for a conscious human being would be to not consume alcohol at any doses.

We can moderately drink juices, pure water and so on in such amounts that it will not tear your stomach apart or you will not have to run to the bathroom every 5 min. When we talk about moderate toleration of poisons, we are destroying the order of nature. Science has stated that 500ml of alcohol is a deadly amount for a human body if it is drank all at once. If a person does not vomit it or is not detoxified, he is risking his life. Logical conclusion: if half a litre of liquid is deadly, then the liquid is poisonous. If 500ml of C2H5OH is poison then how 50ml of the same, not modified liquid, can become a drink or even medicine? Absurd! Because 50ml of alcohol liquid is poisoning, it is just easier for a body to get rid of this amount of alcohol. We all have experienced this: if we drink more, symptoms of alcohol poisoning are more severe, if we drink less, symptoms are weaker…

Those, who think that moderate drinking is not harmful, are only trying to fool themselves and justify their drinking weakness. “Moderate” usage of alcoholic drugs – poisons moderately… But poison not only their health but also wellbeing. That is why, the more severe a person drinks, the more he suffers and harms himself by all meanings.

I want to congratulate all aware teetotallers – Maximalists with the beginning of summer. I want to wish you to stay strong and resist the temptation to get high on drugs. Remember, only a human, who does not poison himself with psychotropic substances, can eliminate under 80prc of all potential health disorders and other failures associated with narcozombies from his life.

People, who are always sober, gain magical powers to successfully materialize all their dreams. Therefore, I wish all teetotallers to be high on these opportunities!

Kind Regards,