Successful life and harmful addictions – part I


Just like plus and minus in electricity, good and evil in our happiness…

If someone would say that there is no God or devil, I know (from my own experience and studies) that there are at least good and evil energy and their synergy just like the possible existence of heaven and hell in our life. Just like the electric current appears from the synergy of positive and negative energy, in the same way, our happiness depends on the synergy of good and evil.

Today we know that two different, not isolated positive and negative cables cannot be together because if they touch, they explode (short circuit). It is like a warning sign for the one who did it. The synergy between good and evil is the same: when a person does not mix them together – the synergy of good and evil works perfectly and produces happiness which keeps a person alive. When a person knows that he cannot use evil, tolerate it as good and does not mix it together then he creates joy effect – the energy of happiness…

I want to say that a person should know what is good and what is bad for him. He should take facts into consideration, do not protect own position and make an illation. For example, if a person tends to be angry but understands that it does not make him happy – the opposite – he becomes stressed, anxious, depressed, and cannot sleep at night – law of nature says that it is time to change because you are positive (good) but you are trying to use a negative (evil) conductor. If a person does not see that, he gets short circuit (it is like electrical shock) in a form of failure in order to stop using evil. If he does not change anyway and does not get rid of this conductor of evil, long term consequences appear – various diseases.

Gyvenimo sėkmė ir žalingi įpročiaiOne more example is the usage of alcohol. If a person drinks poisonous drink and his brain gets intoxicated – head is spinning, a person feels nausea and vomits trying to get rid of poisons – despite feeling bad he still drinks – this is also an example of breaking the law of nature.

A person is trying to mix the conductor of evil with the conductor of good. Consequences: liver cirrhosis, kidney failure, thrombosis, myocardial infarction and so on. Warnings (short currents, state after the shock) are hangovers!

It shows that yesterday’s poisoning takes away strength, happiness, joy, creativity, self-esteem and so on from today.