Totali blaivybė ar Totali kontrolė

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In this book, psychotherapist M.Maximalietis seeks to show that the entire monetary system, modern world order, is on the foundation of drug addiction; that it is a mechanism that generates exclusive powers for system administrators and turns all other people into programmed details of the system. The book introduces the psychoschema of addiction formation that is deciphered by the author. This discovery gives people the opportunity to purposefully pursue the destruction of harmful addictions. It is shown how the psychoscheme is already used by the system’s guardians, and people are still being formulated into specific forms of harmful addictions in an unknown way. All this is done in order to make the person dependent on the main money-keepers of the monetary system: drug and pharmaceutical businesses. The author tells us what exceptional powers the maximalist is, a total sober, and what a man who is under the control of harmful addictions loses. The Maximalism ideology formed by M. G. Maksimaliečio and its importance for the future of humanity are presented.

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