DVD motivational film


All the funds collected from the short DVD sold will be donated to the Global Maximalistic Psychotherapy Society, which will be used to produce anti-alcohol, anti-nicotine and other anti-narcotic advertisements.



Give alcoholism to a person suffering from alcoholism.

“The Global Maximalistic Psychotherapy Society ” presents a real-life short film “Maximist” about the irresistible urge to live a dramatic life. The ultimate hero of the film, hiding his weakness to intoxication all his life, eventually becomes completely powerless to resist his addiction. After long torture, bangs with the world around and inner conflicts with oneself, man decides to take a step towards life changes. After a short while, after a visit to a psychotherapist, the man demonstrates, by his example, that a strong man’s decision was the help. After all, refusing to drink, he becomes happy, lives a full life. The world around it is simply enlightened, internal change is a success in all areas of life. By his behavior, man emphasizes that one who is capable of standing up is strong. „Maksimalistas“ – is a motivational film that lights up those who have lost it. Also, this film will benefit people who feel the need for change in their lives, but because of internal barriers or stereotypes in society, they cannot turn to help and move towards the first step.

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